the nez story
London is probably - ok, definitely - the best city in the world, but the cost of urban living can sometimes clash with the desire to eat well, live healthily and generally make the most of your time on the planet.
Our founder Joe had been working in office jobs for a number of years when he came up with the idea for nez. He’d grown up in London, watching the food and drink scene explode, and yet had found himself having the same, tired lunch every day.

One day, Joe walked past a restaurant that had put up a ‘Half Price’ sign outside but still didn’t seem to be getting much attention. Realising there wasn’t a digital equivalent to the conventional restaurant chalkboard, that connects local traders with a local audience, Joe wondered whether there would be an appetite for an app featuring hyperlocal, real-time offers in London.

We first launched in Fitzrovia and immediately became an essential app for office workers, residents and partners in the area. Three years later, we now cater for users across the city.

In 2019 we saw a gap in the market for easily finding and booking the best bottomless brunches, dining and cooking classes. Wanting to show off all that London has to offer at amazing prices, nez social was born.

nez is now your go-to for discovering London’s food & drink scene, for less. We’re preparing to launch in even more locations across zones 1 & 2, so we can help even more people save money every day.

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