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nez has a large audience of high value customers ready to come your way. Scroll down to see just a few of the benefits you can expect when you make your products available on nez
drive footfall
nez brings you footfall & sales when you need it. Our large, high-value audience of local office workers is always just a few taps away
get actionable insights
nez offers all the benefits of a digital marketing platform, with customer feedback, data & performance insights provided via a companion app
enhance your brand
improve awareness across our app, emails & notifcations, social media, tube campaigns and more. Even better, nez provides complimentary photography, meaning your products will look their absolute best - at no cost
completely hassle-free
with our seamless technology - and Pay as You Earn payment structure - you don’t need to worry about operational overhead and staff training. We even take away the pain of invoicing

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some of our incredible partners

This is just a small sample. We are constantly adding new food and drink brands to nez, so life is always exciting for our users.

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