reimagining food & drink perks for 2019

nez perks gives companies the ability to
seamlessly treat their employees to food & drink
credit. Now they can go out and enjoy a wide
range of local premium restaurants, bars & cafes.

how nez perks works

offering food & drink perks to your employees has never been easier, here’s how it works…
decide your perks
Decide how much credit you want to spend per employee and how often you'd like to reward them.
go to the shop
After verifying by email through the nez app, your employees choose a local restaurant to use their credit at and then head down there.
show the coupon
Once they arrive, they just need to show their in-app coupon and the credit is deducted from their bill.

nez perks makes employees happy

We guarantee high engagement through our amazing
choice of partners & our simplicity…


employee uptake
so far we have seen an employee uptake of 78% on our £5 monthly credit plan


range of partners
with 394+ food & drink partners (and growing) you’ll be spoilt for choice when choosing your perks


employee satisfaction
so far we have seen an average employee satisfaction of 4.6 out of 5 stars at our partner offices


effortless set-up
on average we get offices set-up with perks in just 24 hours!

reasons to try nez perks

nez perks is an easy way for businesses to treat their teams to free food & drink credit via the nez app. Here are just a few reasons why it’s perfect for your office…
super simple
the nez app is extremely easy to use, with no payment or physical vouchers required from your employees
effortless set up
nez perks takes away the hassle & admin of negotiating local offers or managing endless office food deliveries.
full control
you'll have full control and oversight on spending across the company. And your employees choose how and when they use their credit.

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